World’s First Plug And Play AI People Tracking

The Zenix AI (Artificial Intelligence) tracking device is designed for commercial purpose. The Business owner get the analytics for the customer visits, can monitor movements, gestures and actions of the people which helps in the assessment of the further proceedings in relation to the business development strategies and also instructs regarding the safety. The device has an installed chipset with the ability of handling various communication parameters like LoRA, LTE and Wi-Fi.


  • High reliable hardware
  • Maintenance free
  • Low-power consumption
  • Self-installing
  • Multiple connectivity chip-set (LoRA, LTE, Wi-Fi)
Advanced Computer Vision
  • Proprietary Embedded Vision algorithms
  • Fraction of data analyzed and transmitted
  • Very low-bandwidth and power required
People Tracking Capabilities
  • people counting
  • staff exclusion
  • visitor dwell-time within store zones
  • outdoor footfall
  • windows stopping-by
  • windows attention time
  • shelf attraction
Dashboard & Visualizations
  • real-time access to data
  • interactive reporting with many filtering options
  • off-line scheduled reporting
  • real-time alerting system
  • machine learning discovery engine
Connectivity and Flexibility

Our device has an embedded chipset that can handle simultaneously multiple communication standards like LoRA, LTE and Wi-Fi. Briefly, we don’t need any connectivity provided by the customer IT. Our sensors work seamlessly in different environments like public areas, remote areas, malls where connectivity may be difficult and expensive. Our global SIM and single data plan make the setup easy world wide.

Whichever your project need is, if you are looking for a basic people counting solution or a sophisticated store performance analysis that includes a complete visitors behaviour tracking and zones dwell times, your solution is always based on one sensor type which self-adapt to its purpose.

Our proprietary algorithms make our device unique. They are the most accurate in the market(95%+ in data accuracy), auditable and low computational. This results in low power and low bandwidth consumption.

Zenix people tracking system can be included in the BMS system.

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