To acquire a competitive advantage, it is necessary to integrate the Security Policy into the corporate process from the outset. The security is in continuous evolution. As such, it must be constantly developed, controlled, monitored and improved.

IT Security Audit

The services of Security Audit verify and certify that the realized results correspond to the requirements determined by the risk analysis and defined by the Policy.

Privacy & Data Protection

The information which the company possesses and transmits has a great value and therefore it requires an adequate protection. Contact us for further information on our solutions for this subject.

Identity Management

A homogeneous and coherent vision of the whole security system, from the point of view of the relation between individuals and resources; which access is to be granted; cost optimization and simplify the surfing by the users through the various applications.

End Point Security

Complete control of the ports of the individual devices (USB, Wireless, CD Rom, and Irda) through the Policy definition and Auditing functionality.

Managed Security Services

Constant management and monitoring of all the systems installed in the corporate infrastructure: applications, firewalls, network devices, etc.

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