Optometry practice management software (Optometry Software) is a part of RevLight Solutions services is to customize or tailor-made software based on your business operation. This results in an enhanced productivity, reduced manpower and reduced overall overhead costs. This will gradually increase the business service quality and reduce financial costs.

One of the proven tailor-made software of RevLight Solutions is the Optometry Software CRM (Customer Relationship Management). This customized software is cloud-based and is also capable of customer invoicing. The capabilities of this software do not just end in the invoicing operation but it has other features as well.

What is Optometry Software?

Our revolution optometry software is designed for an Optometry Practice or for a Private Optometry Clinic.

The software is quite similar to HMIS (Hospital Managing Information Systems) in where it records the client’s data. It is able to record data regarding the medical condition of the client as well as its past medical history.

The software features sections corresponding to different characteristics of the eye based on the clinical examination given by the optometrist. These data range from visual acuity, refraction, pupil function, ocular motility, visual field or confrontation testing, external examination, slit-lamp, intraocular pressure and retinal examination.

Depending on the capability of the practice, data collected from special optometry examinations can also be stored, like Color Vision, Stereopsis, Near point convergence and many other specialized examinations of the eye.

Optometry CRM with invoicing system (Cloud-based)

Aside from the documentation of medical data, the software also allows archiving of the grading history of the client’s spectacles. This allows the accurate correlation of the progression or the regression of the client’s vision. This also is a big aid when the time comes for the client to be referred to a specialist or an Ophthalmologist.

Since we have mentioned that the software is an aid to specialist referral. This is due to the cloud-based capability of the software. With the clinical data of the client stored within the software’s cloud server, it becomes easier to access anywhere.

This accessibility is accompanied with accuracy since these data are unaltered and are coming directly from what the Private Clinic has documented. Accuracy and Accessibility is a very important factor when it comes to specialist referrals since there will be a possibility that the client or the patient will be needing immediate and urgent surgery or interventions.

Aside from the clinical aspect of the software, the user interface itself is very easy to comprehend. It will need less training hours for the staff to get a grasp on navigating all throughout the software, which would result to less training expenses for the facility. In an business perspective, the software also has an embedded invoicing operation in which allows the user to create invoices of the client or the patient’s payments. These invoices can be customized through the clinic’s preference through modifying the available templates.

In terms of operations management analysis, the software also enables the user or the facility to keep track of the number of client or patient interactions they have in a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly manner. This can be tracked through utilization of the data from the invoices or through the appointments set which can also be monitored through the software.

Overall, Optometry Software CRM is perfect for small or private optometry facilities. With its wide array of functions and operations, it can make the process step of the facility smoother, efficient and of high quality.

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