Building control can be complicated

Building Management System (BMS) control for buildings (HVAC, BAS, BMS, Energy Management and Operation Automation) is a complex process and it shouldn’t be. RevLight Solution’s provide a way around that through WebCTRL and Eikon software system management, where building automation and accessibility is at the tip of your fingers.

WebCTRL System is an all-in-one package with a user-friendly capability enabling you to fully control your systems and analyze the gathered data with pre-packaged tools. The system enables you to establish a rendezvous point for all the data gathered by your systems from all monitors, may it be temperature, utilities and comfort measurement. The information will be systematically packaged and monitored without the use of any other third-party software.

Building Management System Main Functions

Its key features include an interactive user interface, integrated with thermographic color floor plans that interprets the current monitored data and reflects it into information that easily understood. Energy use scheduling could not be any easier with its Hierarchal and group scheduling where it enables the systems manager to customize and manage energy use flexibly.

WebCTRL building data analysis system

For data analysis, WebCTRL System is able to analyze the trends from data gathered and quantify it in a scatter plot. It also features on the spot diagnostics of the data trend as well as excellent archiving capabilities, able to display both current and past environmental data. Integrated system also has Built-In Fault Detection and Diagnostics (FDD), which enables it to anticipate, analyze and respond to any building issues. This feature makes up its Logical Alarming and Reporting system adding to its automated capability. With the system’s innovative, initiative and automated logic system, this will make building management uncomplicated, efficient and highly effective.

Eikon Software for BMS

Eikon Software for WebCTRL is designed by Mechanical Engineers and is considered the most advanced graphical tool in BMS System industry. Through its intuitive interface, Eikon removes the need for complicated and complex programming and coding and converts it into a user-friendly graphical tool which enables the users to easily understand the software’s algorithms. The interface enables the user to create complex algorithms, diagnose any gaps and conduct real-time simulations of evident data to assess the created control sequence.

Intelligence has never been this intuitive

  • Control multiple buildings with secure browser access from anywhere in the world
  • Immediately understand the conditions in your building with WebCTRL thermographic floorplans
  • Define appropriate zone control setpoints with a simple graphical adjustment
  • Automatically suppress downstream equipment alarms with WebCTRL Fault Detection and Diagnostics (FDD), making it easier to diagnose problems
  • Review floor plans, equipment graphics, trending and alarms over a past period of time so you can quickly identify and resolve building control issues
  • Diagnose problems, or simulate operational data to evaluate the performance

We make Big Data

We design and develop versatile, intelligent complete controls and interfaces that make it user-friendly for building owners and managers to increase their management efficiency. Also making it simpler to use building analytics to make better decisions.

  • The user interface features browser-like navigation with an integrated library and search tool which enables you to easily look-up for any programming function that is needed. The library comes with built-in microblocks or control functions as well as pre-engineered graphics applications for all types of HV-ac equipment. Plotting for the control functions during programming couldn’t be any easier with the “Drag and Drop” functionality which is made possible through a smart feature called “elastic-banding.” The software also enables the user to run live simulations of the newly programmed control process to verify the functionality as well as the audit for any errors before system installation. Documentation of the whole control function is made easier by easily printing the project.
  • With Eikon, which is specifically designed for building control applications, Building Systems managers are able to utilize highly sophisticated and logical systems in a graphical yet simple manner. The software offers power and simplicity at the same time.
  • With WebCTRL Automated Logic Capabilities and Eikon Software’s powerful yet user-friendly control function programming, building management will be at ease. With these two innovations working hand-in-hand; HVAC, BAS, BMS, Energy Management, Analysis and Diagnostics will be much smoother and cost efficient.
  • It’s everything you need to keep occupants comfortable, identify key operational problems, and validate the results.
  • The potential of the WebCTRL BMS system is universal—literally. It enables you to remote access to your building management system from anywhere in the world using computers or mobile phones. Without the need for add-on software.
  • The software also provides energy management and control for different user management levels.

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