Eniscope Real-time Energy Display

In order to be productive, energy is an important ingredient. From small businesses to multi-million industries, consumption of energy is needed in order to produce an output in which would later on bring about revenue to the organization. We provide energy management system for buildings and industrial facilities for various purposes which helps you to optimize power.

Statistics show that around 43% of the world’s energy consumption is going down through the drains as a result of inefficient equipment and business operation practices. This statistic alone shows how this trait can damage the finances of the organization, through expensive energy expenditures, and how it can damage the environment, through increased carbon footprints. Energy management technology will help troubleshoot such issues.

The conventional methods of monitoring and tracking energy consumption are more or less not accurate. Energy bills commonly show limited information providing mostly your energy usage with no details on energy wastage at all. It does not also show any forms of energy management system and strategy to tailor your usage for your day-to-day use. On the other hand, Energy Consultants make bold claims of improving energy usage and savings but does not show any verification of their capabilities plus an increase of expenditure would be observed since you would have to compensate for their services.

Energy Management System

As an alternative solution to the issues in energy saving, RevLight Solutions offer Eniscope Hybrid. Eniscope Hybrid is an energy savings device and energy management system in where the technology offers you transparent and real-time monitoring of your energy consumptions and enables you to have more control of your energy costs and carbon footprints. With the device, you will be able to see in real-time where your energy is going and enables you to minimize or eliminate energy wastage and will help you generate tremendous amount of savings.

This device can be attached easily by any electrician through its plug-and-play capability. Despite physically being a small device, at only 200mm x 180mm x 70mm in dimension, it is capable of metering ranges of 30 amperes to 500 amperes with the option of requesting similar devices that can meter higher currents.

It is top-class in terms of metering systems by combining 8 three-phase metering points, 8 pulse inputs (for monitoring existing meters) and 8 temperature inputs which can be integrated with several compatible devices. Physically the device itself is enclosed in an IP20 aluminum powder coated enclosure and is also compatible for rail mounting. On the other hand, the power requirement for the said device is a perfect example of its function, requiring only 20 watts to operate.

Building energy management system

Aside from its physical and technical attributes, its analytics software is also top notch. The system enables you to completely understand the current building’s pattern of energy consumption through the Power Trend feature. The feature displays your “building’s heartbeat” in a graphical or statistical manner and is the key characteristic for its building energy management system capability. Also certain triggers can be set to notify the building administrators for any abrupt changes in the energy consumption trend.

Power Management System

In the concern of safety, the device can also be used to run diagnostic checks on the energy lines in application of its power management systems. Providing any information whether the current system is not in equilibrium or overloaded in which cause catastrophic consequences could like electrical fires. This is part of its Energy Management Control System, in where part of this management is to prevent such events. Safety protocols can be set up as part of the energy automation system to react to any instances.

All these analytical and monitoring features can be accessed away from the physical device itself since the device has network capability enabling you to monitor your energy status through any computer or mobile device. historical and current data can be accessed at any time from the tips of your fingers.

Complete real-time energy management solutions could not be any easier and efficient with RevLight Solution’s Eniscope Hybrid. With the developers 30 years of management and expertise in the field, consumers are assured that they are paying for their money’s worth.

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