There is another successful software launched by the RevLight Solutions is the Spa Management Software. Which is used for Spa and Massage CRM (Customer Relationship Management). This software customization provides an overall management perspective of a Spa and Massage business.

This spa management software is able to track and monitor clients from the point of entry into the establishment and up to the time they leave the establishment as well. There are three major features of this software.

The first feature is the Customer Information section, mostly coordinated by the Reception Team.

Second would be Operations and Service section. Lastly, we have the Executive/Administrative section.

Spa Management Software: Customer information section

For the first section, this interaction would start when the customer walks into the establishment and establishes contact with the reception team. The reception team would then take the Customer’s Information and input it into the Spa Management Software.

The inputted information will hold the patient’s name, date of birth, contact details and a customer ID. It should be worth to mention that all the customer ID generated by the software are unique as to differentiate the data of each customer especially those who have similar names.

Spa and Massage Management

Also, this is the part of the Spa Management and Massage Service in where the reception team gets to ask if there is any medical condition that the customer has that the spa and massage team should be aware of. If so, then this data would be included in the customer information segment.

Also, a feature of this segment is that the information of returning customers can be retrieved and will reflect the history of all spa and massage entries. This process of data retrieval of customers can give a positive boost of impact towards the establishment’s efficiency.

Spa & Massage Business CRM: Operations and Service Segment

For the Operations and Service Segment, this simply shows all the rooms of the Spa and Massage establishment alongside with data as to which customer is being serviced there along with several details.

The details presented for each designated room will show for the current service the customer is requesting for, which staff will be doing the service and which room is the customer allocated.

Time tracking

Once the service starts, a corresponding countdown timer will start ticking within that room or customer’s box on the software user interface.

This timer can also be used by the receiving and processing staff to remind the customers of the time he has left and if he is willing to extend the services. After the service has been completed, the same interface will also process the customer’s invoice.

Spa & Massage Business CRM: Executive-Administrative section

The third feature for the Executive and Administrative personnel of the establishment will be the data analysis of the system. The Spa Management CRM automatically creates an analysis of the number of customers that went into the establishment on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis.

It also monitors the trends of the service, showing the most frequent and least frequent service requested and also monitors which time of the day most of the customers come in. These trend data can be used to properly manage staff and resources of the establishment.

Cloud-based Spa soft

All these administrative features can be accessed anywhere by the administration personnel since the Spa Software is also cloud-based. They are able to access the analyzed data and trends off-site; from anywhere in the world with their computers, notebooks and smartphones given that they have a good working network or data connection.

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