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Grow your business by enhancing your visitors’ experience with free, no fuss Wi-Fi access. Using Social Wi-Fi with Facebook Login, you don’t just give free Internet – you get something back in return.

Let your visitors sign in easily using their Facebook account. Drive engagement by offering special deals. Social Wi-Fi with Facebook Login is fully customizable and will display important information about your business’s Facebook company page.



Social Wi-Fi with Facebook Login is a powerful marketing and analytic tool, allowing you to glean important metrics about your visitors. When your visitors opt-in, you could grow a quality mailing list for your marketing campaigns. Metrics are visualized and displayed in beautiful at-a-glance graphs and charts for easy cross reference.



It gives you the freedom to decide whether you want to give Facebook Login as a choice and how your visitors stay connected. Whether it’s time-based, usage based- you’ll find it here. It’s as simple as a few clicks and it’s all web-based so you can manage everything no matter where you are.


Easy Portal Customization

   Enter your Facebook proile, and it will customise your portal.



Set Time and Bandwidth Limits

   Determine how many minutes and how much data each user could access your Wi-Fi for.


Multilingual Support 
   Enter text in a different language, then enable your guests to choose their language.