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With likelihood studies and systematic research, it has been a mindset for the management to focus on a project objective by coordinating internal and external resources, consequently optimizing schedules and expenses.

A successful Project Manager must simultaneously manage the four essential elements of a project: resources, time, money, and most importantly, scope. All these elements are interconnected. Each must be managed effectively if the project or the project manager wants to succeed.

  • Coordinate with the internal project manager and/or the project manager for the system integrator to ensure a smooth implementation and a predictable schedule
  • Manage RevLight deliverables and resources to ensure that there are no delays
  • Manage interfaces with other vendors to ensure that any inter-product dependencies are addressed
  • Manage multi-site installations and plans where required
  • Synchronize test scheduling with your staff and the system integrator
  • Act as a single contact point for implementation, planning and scheduling
  • Act as a single contact point for any ongoing issues that arise during implementation and testing
  • Organize operational support necessities leading up to launch


  • Improved efficiency: Project management provides a structure that can be followed easily and leads to project completion.
  • Enhanced effectiveness: The same project management strategies that allow you to successfully complete one project will serve you many times over and with our experience, we can assure you that the system we use for project management is tailor fit for your company.
  • Improved growth and development within your institution: Positive results not only gain respect, but more often than not inspire your team to continue to look for ways to perform more efficiently.
  • Better flexibility: Project management allows you to map out the strategy you want to take, to see your project completed.
  • Risk assessment: Our team of Project Managers provide a red flag at the right time: before you start working on project completion.
  • Increase in Quality: Goes side by side with effectiveness.